Sunday, January 6, 2008

Developing the Leaders Within You - Chapter 1

What's the definition of leadership?
Leadership is about influence. Nothing more. Nothing less. The litmus test to see if a person is a leader is to find out if there are anyone following that person from behind. So if he/she who thinks is a leader but have no one following him/her is only taking a walk. To become a leader you must be an influencer to others and therefore the influence skills is essential attribute of a leader.

Leadership is the ability to obtain followers through your influence on others. For example, Adolf Hilter had his army backing him up in World War II. Jesus Christ had disciplines who followed Him and planted many churches soon after Jesus's death. Once you have a follower(s), work backward to figure out how to lead.

The issue today is that people think leadership is about obtaining a position of authority, rank title or role. Then once the person has arrived to that status quo, they soon become frustrated because of lack of followers. Then there are those who lack the proper title and don't see themselves developing the leadership skills.

How to become an influence person?
In order to lead others, one must learn how to lead him/herselves. Only when he/she is good at leading him/herself then he/she is ready to lead others. To lead yourself begin practicing your leadership of influence at home, whether it is with your wife/husband, kids, siblings, parents or other family members. Also begin to influence yourself like for example:

  • Have you influence yourself to live a healthy life style? (e.g. do you exercise? have good dietry, etc)
  • Have you influence yourself to get rid of any bad habbits/tempations? (e.g. quiet smoking, stop drinking, etc)

Reflective and practical questions

  • What kind of an influence will you have with your own family members (e.g. become a better son, daugther, wife or husband)?

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