Sunday, January 6, 2008

Developing the Leaders Within You - Introduction

During this month of the New Year for 2008, I would like to begin my study on what it takes to be a great leader. My motive in writing this blog comes from my past disappointments in seeing, meeting and working with people for over 7 years in the IT industry, whom I thought were lacking some leadership qualities, which was a required attribute needed to get some project work completed.

I also have work with people whom I think were good leaders who had been my inspiration and role model. So I am not trying to discredit people who lacks leadership skills. Even I can admit that I need some improved leadership character in my life as well. So thus begins my research and pursue into studying leadership and hopefully applying what I've learnt into my own life.

One of a great motiviational speaker and writer who knows the subject of leadership very well that I will be listening to his CDs and reading his resources is Dr John C. Maxwell.

John C. Maxwell once said...
Leadership is not born but can be taught. When learning about leadership, one must first relaise that everyone is already somehow a leader themselves. For example a husband, who is the head of his family, mother/father parenting their kids, CEO, boss, managers, church leaders, etc..
Then you must know what the definition of leadership and the difference between leadership and management. Management is ensuring that the programs and objectives of an organisation is implemented. Leadership on the other hand is about casting vision & motivating people. People don't want to be managed but be lead. Who ever heard of world managers? Who has heard of world leaders? YES!

If you want to manage others, manage yourself well first. Then you will be readyand able to start managing and leading others.

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